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Download ldap-preg_replace - a grep like tool to easily extract and convert LDIF entries

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What's that?

It is a small tool written in perl that allows you to easily select and extract entries contained in LDIF files. As such it is very similar to the famous 'grep' utility, however it is designed to deal with LDIF files. LDIF files contain directory server information in a human readable format and is not line oriented, so grep cannot process this very well. Also, attributes in LDIF files are sometimes encoded in UTF8/base64 masking the real value to unspecialized tools.

What can it do?

It acts as sort of filter to LDIF files. You supply the LDIF file in question to the tool and it searches its content to see if any entries match. If so, it prints the entries data unmodifierd to STDOUT (which you usually redirect to a result file or to a pipe).

Feature list:

How does it work?

It is very simple since it runs from command line. Just download it and call it like you would call grep. Calling it with the "-h" parameter even gives some more advice.
Additionally, you can find a more detailed documentation in the release package.

Where can i download this cool exporter?

You can download the latest development version from svn:
svn co ldif-extract-code

Or just download the latest file release from the project page at sourceforge!

Where can i report bugs or request new Features? What about project news and screenshots?

The Sourceforge project page hosts all that. Please refer to the page for latest infos and for our forums and bug/features tracker.